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Impossibility is a kiss away from reality.


Hi guys. Thank you so much for all of you who have been a huge support for this blog. I am proud to finally announce the launch of my new blog; . Please check it out. I will mostly be posting the same content. I am planning on shutting this blog down soon, but if you guys think otherwise just let me know. Love and love.




So this weekend I went camping. I have to say I really didn’t look forward to it, but I think that it was one of the best trips I have ever had. Not necessarily because it was fun, which it was, but because I experienced so much clarity. I know its cliche to say that being in the wild brings clarity, but seriously, it does. Only if you let it though. The first realization that I had; we over-think everything!(particularly me) I was particularly reluctant of going into the Gorge at Hell’s Gate, but once I just let go and did what the guide said, it was fun. Things only seem scarier and bigger the longer you look at them. So this coming month I challenge you all to let go and relax. Don’t over-think, just do.Especially since this is the month of love, give it a chance.

On a deeper note, I realized that we all interact with each other based on default setting that others ,not necessarily specific individuals, have set. We assume that certain things should be a certain way: People are monsters, but there are exceptions like you family. You need to go to school and get a piece of paper that they call a degree, in order to be educated. You have fit in the box that society has built for you. People like to put everyone in this little box and they have to act a certain way. For example, the goody two shoes, she has to have good grades, not mess around with guys, not party or drink. These boxes that we seem to be so good at constructing are irrelevant. I am my own person and I will do whatever it is my heart wants. I think that the world is like a painting. No one could really tell you how to perceive it or interpret it, its up to you. It’s the only way you will truly appreciate it. So you go and explore the world for yourself. Have your own custom settings.





In this world of black and white, good and bad, write and wrong, you are my grey. I can’t say that you’re what’s good for me but then being away from you feels wrong. But that’s the problem. The minute I became unable to judge wrong from right when it came to you, I compromised my very being. I want to be able to say that I love you. But do I? Or am I just so invested in the idea of you. I mean, would I mind if it were someone else in your place, perhaps even one with a better chiseled face, killer jaw line and jaw dropping abs. I think that the minute the looks became more important to us than his personality and being, the question of true love was thrown out the window. I looked in your eyes and thought I saw a fire of desire for me, but truth is it was a reflection of what was in mine. So now the question of love is gray to me.

I find that words aren’t significant in themselves, but in the story that they tell.

Hey guys. So I am attempting to develop a story- once again. I hope you guys will be patient with me. It will be posted on a separate page “STORY”.Its tab is right next to “About”. Please check it out. I will make a point to post at least once a week.

We take refuge in obscurity and term it as cool because we are all too afraid to face the truth about who we truly are.


You know looking back sometimes we wish we could take certain choices and actions back. Believe, I have plenty of those moments. But its the small and big things that we do and regret that make us who we are and have taken us where we are. They build us up and will be a part of us forever. Even with a time machine, if we went back and changed everything we did wrong, present day us would be a whole different person. Those people and those choices are a part of who we are now. It’s about time we accepted that and moved on.

Most people’s ribcages are made of bone but I believe made are made of feathers. I mean that’s the only thing that would explain all this injury in my heart.

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